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Wild & Fancy Free Baby Shower

Moss covered picture frames
Moss covered picture frames – photo credit  Wayne Howell

I am fresh off my baby shower weekend and excited to share event details!  The theme for the party was Wild and Fancy Free and we tied in elements of the bohemian lifestyle to create a free-spirited good time.

The Theme

While some understood the theme right away, others needed a bit of an explanation, which I am more than happy to chat on and on about.  My husband and I will be first time parents and we hope to raise our child with a zest for life, free to follow their dreams, free to imagine, free to break rules (well, some of them) and free to be who they are.  This is our hope and we will do our best to encourage and promote these ideals.  So, here’s to raising baby, wild and fancy free!

Details, Details 

After deciding on the theme, I wanted to make sure the party decor matched and would be carried throughout, from invitations to thank you cards.  I truly believe when hosting a party, the details are what truly transform a party into a remembered event.  Start small and expand out. The first order of business was selecting theme colors. I went with gold, mint, white and soft pink.  I decided that a majority of the decor would be DIY, which not only saved money, but brought in elements of individuality and creativity. I immediately purchased (mostly from the dollar store) mason jars, picture frames, glass bottles,  tiny vases, acrylic paint, dried moss, burlap ribbon, stencils and gold glitter spray paint and went to work.  Using a hot glue gun I covered the entire pictures frames with the moss and then printed colorful and fun pictures with sayings like, “be brave little one” or “wild and free” to put inside. I painted the mason jars and glass bottles all white and then added stencil designs with mint paint and covered the tiny vases with burlap ribbon and moss. The day of the event I purchased mini succulent plants for the decor, but also small gifts for guests to take home, along with tons of fresh wild flowers and greenery for the vases and mason jars.




Party Activities 

Always one to shy away from the traditional, I decided that there would be no games or opening of gifts during the shower. Instead I wanted some fun activities that guests could participate in –  if they wanted – no pressure here, we are fancy free!  I hired a henna tattoo artist to give guests tattoos of their choice. This was a big hit and my only mistake with this was not booking her for longer, as many guests did not get tattoos because she had to leave for another engagement.  I also bought white cotton bibs, fabric paint and stencils for guests to design and decorate  for baby.  We hung a line for the bibs to dry on, which also served as part of the decor as the party raged on.



Eats and Drinks 

I was lucky to have an amazing friend cook up a real meal for our guests! Since our shower did not start until 4pm, we decided to give our guests something hearty.  We ate BBQ chicken, rice and beans, macaroni and cheese,  salad, Hawaiian bread with spinach and cheese dip, and sliced fruits.  The food was delicious and the chef received many, many compliments.  For dessert we had a beautiful cupcake tower with mint, gold, white and pink rose cupcakes. I set this up at the all white candy station with all kinds of pretty candies and another amazing friend made white chocolate covered Oreo’s, and white chocolate covered fudge drops for take home treats. Guests could help themselves to cupcakes and candy whenever they wanted. No waiting for cake to be cut around here!  And of course, in my book, no party is complete without some serious libations. Even though I couldn’t partake in the alcohol, I was happy to give the option to our guests.  We also had great non-alcoholic options too.



In the End 

In the end, some showers are big, some are small, some are in backyards and some in fancy restaurants, but the most important thing is that they feel like YOU. My event turned out just as I  wanted because I didn’t compromise or let outside opinions influence my decisions. I wanted our loved ones to gather to eat, drink and enjoy. Just a day to celebrate all of us and show love to baby.