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A table of two cities

I’m a fan of goop. My sister is not. Read what you will into that, but I feel personalities wise, that tells you everything you need to know. We are sisters. The kind of sisters that are best friends through trials of sharing parental attention; sharing toys; stealing clothes and covering each other’s tracks (her more so for me, one of the perks of being the oldest); moving away from each other. And then farther away still. And choosing to be friends. The ambitious one chose to be a young wife and mom; leaving behind dreams of a big city life to live in a small farm town. The more sheltered one took on the biggest city in the world and made it her home. Life ebbed and moved. We were each other’s only bridesmaids. Each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Chose to be the best of friends.
I have, at the ripe age of 34, four amazing kids, who know they far outnumber me and remind me of this every time we step foot in public. My sister is becoming a first time mom at 32–or 33 if the baby stows away! And here we sit. On opposite coasts from each other, yet with the anticipation of once again sharing the familiarity of family. Of legacy. Of preserving what we have learned and passing it along to the next generation. We are starting this blog for not only our kids, but for ourselves. To remind us of who we once were, who we have become and who we want to be. Thanks for reading.


Sisters and best friends throughout the years
Sisters and best friends throughout the years