Wednesday Warrior

We decided to have our mom, Andrea, yet often referred to as “mummu”(Finnish for grandma), guest blog on Wednesdays. She’s pretty much the coolest at everything. Her job is cool (she works for arguably the best soccer team in the country), her life is cool (she hiked through streams and rivers on purpose for her 63rd birthday, and then went out for morroccan food eating sans chairs or silverware; this is just a typical day in the life no less!) and the grands thinks she’s the coolest grandma ever (she thinks they need BB guns and they agree).

We missed her post yesterday, but here she is catching us up on what Mummu does next:


It came in a text. The offer stated, “We have an opening for a blogger on Wednesdays. You must be the mother of the two best bloggers in the world and must have taught them everything they know to apply for this position.” That’s me! I’m the mother of the best two bloggers in the world! My only problem would be that second qualification. Not sure how I was going to get around that one for I have learned more from my children than I have ever taught them. Maybe the person with the job offer wouldn’t catch on that my children could not teach me what I have learned from them; what I have learned from my children ends up to be what I have learned about myself through them. Looking back, I had a lot to learn and they were great teachers.

So, if I get this gig, I’ll be the Wednesday Blogger. I’m sure you’ve heard us old timers say, “If only I knew then what I know now…,” well, this blog is from a mummu’s (gramma’s) perspective. I hope I can shed the light of experience on your busy days in Wednesday’s to come.

I have two daughters, one on the west coast Amanda, with four of the cutest kids you’ll ever meet and one on the east coast, Vanessa, who is expecting her first baby in November. Amanda is amazing. Three boys (8,6, 4) and one girl (2) to keep track of, between making organic lunches to driving them to school and back, laundry, dogs, decorating a new home, after school sports and don’t forget “I’m hungry” it’s dinnertime, Amanda makes it all look so easy. Haven’t you observed those out-of-control moms yelling at their kids in the grocery store, or cringed at the words these moms choose to use on their kids—and then realize what issues these little people are going to have as adults? They all need to take a lesson from Amanda. I don’t know how she does it, but she calmly explains why dropping your baby sister nose first onto the kitchen floor is not ok, not to mention that her modeling career has been dashed before her first birthday. Or simply stops ordering grilled cheese sandwiches at the drive through after the car care guy tells her the kid who sits in the car seat on the right had about two dozen grilled cheese sandwiches crammed under his seat. She watches out of the corner of her eye her baby crawling around the room enjoying the freedom—not knowing that she is really under her mama’s eagle eye should any precarious moments happen.

When my children were little there were the mother’s that hollered at their kids as well. Went on and on about the trouble they always caused. I’d always say, “My children are perfect!” Something I’m sure that they wanted to hear, hoping instead for a little misery-loves-company grumbling from me. But, it was true. My children were perfect.—they were perfect to me no matter what. Watching my daughter interact with her kids I’d say it’s still true. She does things her way, it may look easy to others, but that’s because she’s perfect.

And I’m sure Vanessa will be too.

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